Winner of Best Original Idea in the PS Talents Awards 2023

Key Responsibilities

  • As a System Designer, I took part in the team that defined and iterated AI behaviour and the abilities/economy cost. To facilitate the iteration, we made a calculator in excel which I’ll gladly post once we finish the project.
  • As an Experience Designer, alongside all the departments we developed all the elements bearing in mind various aspects of usability (readability, standards used in the industry, recognition, error prevention,…).
  • As a¬†Level Designer, I was assigned to design a level which had to dispose 4 rooms and in which the player has to neutralize the second objective of the game. An iterative process still in the making.

What could I have done better or acknowledge more now as a game designer?

  • Communication is key, though do not over do it.
  • Iterate fast and don’t feel bad throwing things.

[This post is still in development, will be refreshed as the project goes on. Pestilences as a masters project will end in October 2023]

[EN] Pestilence Stealth Calculator