Key Responsibilities

  • Move everyone (18 team members) to brainstorm, talk between them and generate a workspace as friendly as possible.
  • Aid to set the project scope and deliverables for preproduction and early development stages.
  • Organise and coordinate the different departments with their representative through each sprint using agile methodology (each sprint lasts 2 weeks).
  • Become the figure between the team and university stakeholders.
  • Identify neck bottles and dependencies to reassess priority or reevaluate tasks.

What could I have done better as a producer?

I am sure there is even more room for improvement than what I am about to say, but the two biggest things that I will take with me to each new project are:

  • Rely more on the designated figures in each department to keep their teams informed
  • Go further beyond when tailoring the macro
Pestilence Team's Trello
Pestilence Gantt

[When the development is finished, I’ll be more than glad to link you the trello and the tomsplanner.]