Gea Of War – Global Game Jam 2023 Project

Our proposal for 2023 GGJ (with the theme “roots”) was Gea Of War, a minigame that aimed to recreate the simple and great sensation of playing a waves game in an arcade saloon while trying to get the highest score to let your print to be seen by the following players. Our way to include the yearly theme was the mechanic that let the player refill its ammo by rooting itself to earth and consume this last one’s HP in exchange. Before asking “would this not kill the game easily”? The player survives by maintaining both its life and the earth HP bar, earth recovers life when an enemy corpse touches it.

Try it online here:


  • Monitoring and controlling the scope and tracking the tasks that we would be able to accomplish in 48 hours.
  • Coordinate the team members with the tasks available in each moment.
  • Identify neck-bottles and dependencies.